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Essential Product Services, Inc. is a Sealing Technology Consulting group dedicated to the development of engineering solutions for the most challenging oil tool applications for today's non-metallic products. Established in 2003, EPS Inc. has successfully established a reputation of technological accomplishment supporting API and ISO non-metallic product development. Our technical staff has over 50 years of experience in the Oil Field, Industrial and Subsea/Marine industries.

We are a diversified product development services company, dedicated to providing the highest level of technical support for our clients. Our services include Project Management, Product Certification Testing, Sealing Technology Development Programs and Materials Development.

Our expertise in "Rapid Product Development" services allows EPS, Inc. to compliment your existing staff with the required resources needed to ensure success with rapid prototype programs. Our staff works simultaneously with our clients to optimize tool design relative too sealing components to ensure the appropriate gland considerations, finishes, seal configuration and materials are selected for each application. In order to optimize seal designs, an absolute understanding of the tools operational characteristics is essential. Our staff has over 35 years of downhole tool design and tool testing experience. In addition, we are working collaboratively with material development experts to always offer the optimized engineered solution.

Full API and ISO Testing Programs
Seal Failure Analysis
Proprietary Material Offering
Material Promotional/Qualification Programs
In-House Training Programs
Contract Technical Support Employment
Contract Seal Design Support Programs
Oil Field Products Representation

"Essential to Your Success."

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